Management Services

Operations and Management

From construction to operations – chic hotels & resorts provides a full service package. We manage the pre-opening phase, coach and develop our teams in preparation for the daily operation of the hotels or resorts.


chic?s key strategy is the support and assistance we provide to our operating sales & marketing teams. We develop and execute property specific sales plans in order to promote and lead our hotels and resorts into the market.

Marketing & E-commerce

A chic marketing mix of traditional gateways and the usage of state of the art resources such as internet, online marketing, online advertisements and online booking facilities will provide brand recognition and a successful operation of our hotels and resorts.


Financial and administration expertise operates in conjunction with new technologies including tools to help to retrieve and analyse the properties performance.

Human Resources

A dedicated Human Resources team provides continuous employment and support for each department of the hotels and resorts. This diverse field includes administration and generation of chic standard policies and procedures.